Improved capacity of LGBTI persons to advocate and exercise their rights and freedoms.


LGBTI persons receiving comprehensive health services without hindrance or prejudice


Strengthened, institutional Leadership, Governance and Management capacity of NYARWEK and Partners


Individuals and communities of LGBTI persons enjoying benefits of increased incomes


Let Good Be Told In Us(CBO) hereby known as NYARWEK Network  was formed in 2009 to be a voice of the LGBTI community with a view to build capacities of its members, integrate views and advocate for the rights of LGBTI persons. Its mandate is to coordinate and link activities of the member groups, build their capacities, integrate and collate their views for lobbying and advocacy.


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Core Values

Inclusivity, Integrity, Professionalism, Respect, Social Justice, Collaboration and Networking.

Vision and Mission

Our VISION is a society where LGBTI persons have dignity and human rights respected. Our MISSION is to coordinate and link the LGBTI, Government, Institution and society at large through creating spaces for dialogue on human rights advocacy and policies.
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Goals and LGBTI Rights

• The right to the Universal enjoyment of human rights• The right to equality and non discrimination• The right to recognition before the law• Right to security of the person• The right to freedom from arbitrary deprivation of liberty• The right to fair trial• The right to social security and other social protection measures• The right to adequate housing.