Member Organizations


Kisumu peer educators (KISPED) was formed in the year 2006 by group of young peer educators who are member of LGBTI community. Apart from being peer educators they were also performing artists. The group was registered in the year 2011 under the ministry of Gender and social services as KONDELE PEER EDUCATORS. Currently then group has 15 members who are trained on peer education and theatre. Kisped is working to reduce stigma and discrimination of the sexual minority (LGBTIQ) within the community, being unique Kisped is doing its advocacy through theatre, media and peer education as the basic tool. Kisped is registered under the umbrella of NYARWEK Coalition who has supported us through capacity building on Security, Health and Human right.

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Tugutuke Jamii is a Swahili word in which ‘Tugutuke,’ means ‘be informed, be inspired’ while ‘Jamii,’ means “a society.” It is a youth group that was founded by LBGTQI and Sex workers in 2009. However, it was not until February 17, 2012 that it was formally got registered with the Ministry of Gender and Social Service. The founding members came together with the primary goals of improving the general social, health, and economic welfare of the LBGTQI and Sex workers. Some of the areas of focus encompass addressing HIV/AIDS and STIS prevalence, among other health-related challenges faced by these highly marginalized and discriminated groups in the Kenyan society. Other areas of emphasis include addressing challenges relating to alcoholism, drugs and substances abuse, particularly in Obunga slum in Kisumu County.

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