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LBQ Feminist Forum (Dala EDITION)

Unparking Feminism and responding to the
problematic discourse of sexual violence in
Conflict:The case of Western Kenya.



Currently ongoing..Nyarwek Network Annual General Meeting September 8th 2017.





To all members groups of NYARWEK, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Article 4.3 read together with Article 6.5 of the NYARWEK's Constitution 2015, THAT the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Network shall be held on Friday 8th September, 2017 as from 10:00 a.m-1p.m at Victoria comfort inn hotel to transact the following business;


  1. Review membership of the network. i.e. signing of MOU.
  2. The strategic direction that members should look at going forth in line with the new strategic plan.
  3. Read notice convening the meeting.
  4. Receive, evaluate and if approved, adopt the audited financial statement for the year ended 31st December 2016, together with the Executive Director's report thereon.
  5. Ratify and approve the policies of the Network.
  6. Ratify the amendments to the Constitution.



Kind Regards

Communications Officer





Different Love, Different Feelings, Different Stakes.

Different Love, Different Feelings, Different Stakes.


We all speak one language, the language of  Love although not many know its true nature or even feel it. I have spoken this language many years of my life but I realised you can easily get hurt, killed, healed, confused, sick, happy, and possibly get lost in another world of your own because of the language, love.


My first lessons on love was from my father, who not only demonstrated its power but also ensured I used it to everyone's benefit. My second lesson on love was from my catholic priest, Father Lawrence. He taught me  what God's love was about and how I could share this love with everyone  in this world making me devote myself as an Altar Boy and planning to be a Priest. 



The lesson was rudimentary but effective in moulding a young innocent mind like mine. He made me learn the ways of a staunch catholic to a point that i could recite a whole Catholic Mass, word by word including the latin paragraphs. I could sing every song and ryhms. He taught me love was a gift from God and that the gift is only in our hearts. At some point, my Dad would disagree with my mother ,that there was no way I could be a Priest yet am his only son from my mother. Even with this love for Priesthood, another love come in, overriding this love and I was to drop this dream to follow this other kind of love.

This was to be my other lesson of love. At this stage, I was more cognisant to the fact that I had to question love itself. Here I learnt the hard way and many time got confused. I learnt the many types of love which I came to realise was not easy to differentiate. I learnt to speak romantic love, one late evening when I first kissed. That was when it dawned on me that love was actually "fire". Fire I knew nothing about. My first love, the one who taught me that my name Douglas could be shortened as"Daggy". I was consumed by this fire which filled my heart and soul. I could avoid church just to run feel this fire. It was different, this was on another level.


Love Love Love.


To be continued...